Tweet Tweet… my bank is tweeting at me.

What is interesting about blogs when it comes to the banking industry is that some banks have chosen to utilize them while others have not.  From what I can understand there is no size or location difference, it is just a marketing department preference.  The smaller banks tend to be using facebook and other social media sites such as twitter to publish their content.  But at the same time smaller banks are also using blogs,  what would be interesting is to understand better who is coming up with the content on the blog and truly how many people look and really read the blog.  It would be even more interesting to see if people become customers after reading such a thing, but much like social media that is a nearly impossible number to come up with. Traditional ROI when it comes to social media is a wash when looking at the banking industry at this point in time.

Webster Bank has come up with a very creative way to have a blog and to use it for meaningful content.  They have even made the blog icon look like the other social media platforms that they are also using. 


Do not get me wrong there are blogs about banks and credit unions that people who work at banks and credit unions post to and are interviewed for.  Where blogs are limited is from the bank or credit union themselves.   This link will bring you to the best banks and credit union blogs (but these again are blogs about banks and credit unions or focused on banks/ credit unions.. these are not blogs directly from the bank or credit union.

Twitter is another story though!

TWITTER is a different kind of animal, and that is kind of interesting because twitter seems to be a site that depends much more content (as you have to post a number of times a day).  What is interesting about twitter and why twitter works so well for banks is that the content is so limited due to space requirements.  The banks that are utilizing twitter is countless… where they could improve their twitting is to stop connecting it back to their facebook pages.  This seems to be a twitter no no… because there are people who tweet and there are people who facebook… when you are on a smart phone and you look at a tweet that is directing you back to a photo posted on facebook the smart phone will actually open a new internet window in order for you to view the photo.. that can take time, and most people who do indeed have a facebook page use the app so connecting through the internet is not something that interests them. 

9 thoughts on “Tweet Tweet… my bank is tweeting at me.

  1. I had no idea that some banks had blogs! Never heard of it until I read your post. Very interesting and another great way to connect with consumers who like to blog! There tend to be a lot of middle ages women who blog, and seeing a bank is blogging may be intriguing and catch their eye. Not every one uses Twitter or Facebook, so blogging is a good solution to upping social media presence. Great examples!

  2. Banking is one of the industry where its truly highly regulated. I’m pretty certain that most of the larger bank may be struggling with trying to have a spokes person to represent the entire organization. However, like many others industry, banks are afraid that if they do not jump on board, there will be other banks that will provide the service and this could result in loss of business because they are not taking the opportunity to embrace technology. At initial pass, many of those entering the social media world will have an established set generic “thank you for the follow” or similar message. The true test comes, when tweeters are complaining – what protocols do banks have in place? Do they acknowledge or not? The communication with the customers is a risk they have to take into account of.

    • oh don’t worry banks have book on what to do when customers complain… its almost the same as if the customer was to come into the branch… that is a huge problem with the industry though.. they just don’t have the same freedom others do.

  3. I do think you’re right about the problems in linking Twitter to a Facebook account when it comes to sharing content. While it is fair for a company to make reference to its other social media accounts you are right that there is a reason these are separate mediums. If I see an interesting link on Twitter while reading from a phone app and I see that it will direct me to a Facebook page I choose not to bother, yet if it was a web article I’d be happy to follow it through. It’s simply too much of a bother to go from one medium to another needlessly, and quite frankly it makes the company look lazy to me.

  4. Very interesting blog that you wrote here. First off, banks have blogs? Seriously, I did not know that they do. I am going to look to see if my bank has a blog. I have seen them utilize facebook and twittter, but never blogging. Well, you taught me something.

  5. This is an interesting blog about banks and blogging/tweeting. Maybe banks can blog about things that people can do to stay out of debt, or maybe how to save money. In other words, I don’t have any real desire to follow banks on social media platforms, but if it is giving me great tips as to how improve my finances, I would definitely would.

    • I just went to a conference and they were saying the same thing…I guess all the studies show that people want to know how they can buy their first home before 24! And how they can retire at 45!! (For gen Y). So you are probably onto something here…. People want fast fun tips as to how they can save and tools that will help them reach their goals quickly.
      Thanks for sharing!

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