Mobile Friendly

The banking industry is going mobile, and it is going mobile quickly! Flash Bang Pop… Mobile banking is here, its been here for years! Where have you been? Yes social media had been mobile for years too.. right. So one would want to wonder.. why wouldn’t mobile banking be social?  While banks have shown they are social with facebook, twitter, linked in and other social media sites along with showing they can go mobile with mobile banking, check deposit and so on.  Yet banks are not mobile! Interesting thought…. But have you ever looked at your banks site on your phone I mean!? Until recently banks websites were not mobile friendly.  How strange!!! Clearly we can see banks sites on our smart phones, that is why they are smart phones.  What was the hold up?

It truly depends on who you are asking.  Most people would say they only go to the banks website to get onto mobile banking, so if they have the mobile banking app why would they ever need to go to the banking website?! – ok that works.  But what about when you are doing research.. do you wait till you get home before you go Google the company? If you are like me you whip out your smart phone and do a quick Google search… if you need more you can wait till you get to a computer.  This my friends is what banks were not banking on (hehe play on works)

I do not want to scare you though! Banks have come back from this small set back and they are not creating great mobile banking apps and mobile banking friendly sites! They are even doing mobile advertising.  Pandora just the other day was playing an ad for Rockland Trust! What a great place for a mobile banking ad.  When you know I am holding my phone using it.  And Pandora knows exactly where I am so you know that the people who are hearing your ad are in your market area! One of the best marketing campaigns I have seen!

Cheers to you Rockland Trust! And Cheers to you all banks that have taken the time and already stretched thin resources to make your sites mobile friendly, and to make mobile banking apps that were easy to use and user friendly.  Cheers to you banks and credit unions for going mobile.

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