Viral Marketing Initiatives

Let’s go viral. I have to be honest with you, I think the best viral marketing is done by mistake. 

It is the only way to make it seem catchy and in the moment.  An amazing example of this was Oreo during the super bowl.  They owned that! And let’s be real there was not planning for the blackout.   


The other major component to going viral is being short and sweet.  We all know people won’t watch a video that is too long, and to be honest it shouldn’t take two minutes to make yourself look funny.

NYT: broadcast tv


 Don’t offend people- yes it might go viral but it wont be for the right reasons.  And that saying about ‘no such thing as bad PR’ is a joke.  If you want to go viral and really have it be a historical moment it has to be for the right stuff.  The last thing you need is a call from your lawyers.

Cadbury Should Know Better Than To Mess With Naomi Campbell

Make your message user friendly.  The larger majority of people need to be able to watch or see your marketing in order for them to spread the word.  The message also needs to be user friendly in the way that the wider majority of people understand your message- or at least are willing to pretend they do.  You never see a vial video that no one can understand. You cant make people have to wonder what you are selling or what you were trying to say.  Don’t forget to tag! Hash tags are a great way of doing this.  Hash tags are now using on a number of different social media platforms and that is very helpful. 

Last but NEVER least: Make it real, it has to be something people want to share with others and are able to find with ease. It should be something people are able to relate to or could imagine happening.   

So let’s recap:

  1. just go for it don’t plan
  2. keep it short, sweet, and to the point
  3. do not offend people
  4. be user friendly
  5. it has to be real, and relatable.


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2 thoughts on “Viral Marketing Initiatives

  1. Some great information here from a business perspective for something go viral. The oreo one from two years ago was nothing short of amazing. Then again the blackout was a gold mine for social media in general. Not really for things going viral but the humor that was gotten out of it was amazing. I wanted to go back and see some of my retweets from that year but apparently the new twitter feed won’t let you go back that far which is really a shame.

  2. Rachel,
    I enjoyed the way you wrote this – you had my attention. I liked that you recapped your points at the end of the post too.

    I agreed with all of your points, although one that I didn’t think about myself was about not offending people. It’s really important that when a brand makes a video for example, that it does not offend anyone because that could be so detrimental to the brand and the reputation. An example of this would be Groupon, when they ran an ad in Superbowl 2011. They offended the Tibetan people while pushing their Save The Money campaign. Starting off explaining how the price of a cup of coffee would help solve world issues and showing pictures of children. Then all of the sudden, actor Tim Robbins says that the Tibetan people, even though they have woes can “still whip up an amazing fish curry, which people can buy at discount rates in Chicago thanks to groupon.” (Carnell, 2014) Companies that are running these advertisements need to be sensitive to race, gender, culture, religion, etc or else it could end up backfiring to negative press.

    Great post!

    Carnell, Pat. (2014) “10 Offensive Ads You Won’t Believe.”

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