About The Blog

I have been on social media for about 16! I know seems strange.  I know the 734th person to have a facebook account, yep I had friends at Harvard when that went down! (almost like the movie.. almost).  Anyways.  This blog is about a few different things with social media. 
It started with: What is banking doing well.. what the banking industry could be doing better.  I am not trying to imply that banking is bad or bad at what they do.  But my personal option (seeing as this is my personal blog) is that banking can step up, and I don’t think they should be scared to do so.

It will become more of a general social media blog

Due to the number of banking posts Please Note:

NEVER EVER share your personal information such as account number on any social media site EVER!.

I also strongly suggest that you do not complain to your bank via social media.  People tend to forget but by doing that you are telling the world who your bank is.. are you comfortable with people knowing that information? if you wouldn’t put it in a facebook or twitter stats  “Hi my bank is XYZ and I just went into the negative” than don’t post it on their public wall.. the number of people who are able to see that is crazy! and you are better than that.  Keep your banking personal… Social media was never set up for you to provide that kind of information and NO BANK OR CREDIT UNION will ever ask for PERSONAL information in any way!

Thank you,



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