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Future Implications

The only constant is change, but I guess we have always known that.

As we have grown to learn more about Social Media and what is has to offer we have also seen some social media sites come and go… Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram are some of the more popular sites at the moment… but who is to say where we will be in five years.

Do you Remember:


  • Friends Reunited -1990
  • Friendster-2002 with 3 million users in three months!
  • MySpace -2003


The full list can be found here: http://www2.uncp.edu/home/acurtis/NewMedia/SocialMedia/SocialMediaHistory.html

Not only is the landscape of social media changing, it is changing faster than ever before.  The existing social media strategy of any company will have to keep up with the existing social media sites. 

As social media sites become more for the individual users businesses will have to learn how to take a back seat or pay for their VIP spot.  Businesses that were once in social media for the ROI are learning quickly that it needs to be for the ROR (Return on relationship).  Businesses have to show they are humans! – what a thought I know.

Not only will business pages what interaction with the facebook fans, they will NEED it in order to be seen.  Facebook has changed their News feed Algorithm! The number of people who see your business page posts is now based on more than just Liking the business page. It is also based on who comments on your posts, who likes your individual posts, who shares your content, and how often they are interacting with your business page.    

Personally I see these types of changes to be based first on human behavior, and then on technology. 

For example- let’s look at Facebook

The human behavior of people on Facebook made it that people did not want to see businesses they wanted to see other people. 

Facebook took that information (Technology) and made it so the only businesses that people were able to see where the businesses that people were already interacting with (human behavior).  It’s actually a great way of using technology to give the people what they want. 

This goes back to my original point that business need to be more human.. if they interact with their fans their fans will interact with them (Human behavior) in return the technology set up by Facebook will allow for the business page posts to be seen by more fans and potential fans (Technology).